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Staff & PhD Group

The Staff and PhD group is an initiative of the Universities’ Catholic Chaplaincy. Like all chaplaincy initiatives, it aims to support participants on their journey of faith. Specifically, it provides regular meetings in the chaplaincy for members of the staff of the universities, whether teaching, research, professional or senior (doctoral) students.

The group aims to help participants explore their Catholic faith and how it applies in their everyday lives, as university members. The tone of the meetings is fairly informal, and has a social element as well. Group members decide what material they wish to use to form the content of their meetings. These may be scriptural, or draw on Church/papal documents. It may also be appropriate for members to make a presentation on their field of study or research, and how this is informed by, and informs, their Catholic faith. It is also good to explore, in the course of meetings, what it is like to be a Catholic in institutions of higher education which have a secular character.

One member of the group acts as convenor, notifying members of meetings, and being a point of contact for enquirers.

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